What a difference a horse makes….


After having Millie for so long its hard to describe the elation you feel when your horse does simple things. Simple things like tie up outside its stable without trying to hang itself every 5 minutes, things like stand still while you get on instead of waiting for you to precariously insert your foot in the stirrup and then do a triple somersault backwards and throw itself on the floor, things like load into the trailer without an army of people waving yard tools at it and cracking a whip up its backside, things like stand still in the field to let you put a head collar on rather than run rings around you for an hour until its dark and you have to go home and then giving you the finger as you walk away defeated yet again.

The bonus on top of all these simple things was that Red could also jump and he was rather good at it. He had been with his previous owners just over a year, in which time he had jumped up to Newcomers with the daughter and competed in dressage with the mother I think up to Elementary (I wasn’t listening to be honest – he was sold the minute he stood still for me to get on…that was worth the thousands of pounds alone)

They said the reason they were selling was due to his scope and the daughter was well on her way to becoming professional and they just didn’t think Red was the horse to take her any further – I can understand that as he can be a bit lazy and sometimes he just can’t be arsed – bit like me. However,  seeing as getting round a 1ft 6″ clear round would be a huge improvement on the previous years achievements I thought he was up there with Arizona Pie and I was young Sarah Brown.

Off we went to tack clean and polish our boots – just in case Anthony Hopkins was watching at our first show……


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