The Wye Ride 2014


We had been out to local shows (jumping & dressage) for quite a few consecutive weekends so I thought a change of scene was in order. Red had been jumping fantastically both indoors and at some of the early spring outdoor shows and as nothing seemed to phase him I thought we would join some friends on the Wye Ride.

I had done this on Millie a couple of years ago, I don’t know whether I was incredibly stupid or incredibly brave but I took her on my own, in a snow blizzard and to be fair to her she was fab! We didn’t jump many of the jumps (not surprisingly) and it was a bit of a mission getting her to the venue and back in the trailer to get her home again but we both survived and I was super proud of the little madam that day…

Fast forward to 2014 and this time aboard the ginger ninja off we set again…..

I don’t think I have ever set off at such a speed! Someone suddenly remembered they were once a race horse and as my eyes watered and I tried to catch my breath we were already half way round the ride.

Red LOVED it, if he could have smiled he would have. I have never seen such pricked ears.

He was literally dripping with sweat from his eyelids to his feet, he jogged all the way round (when he wasn’t flat out galloping or trying to rear as he became impatient with having to wait for other people)

He jumped pretty much everything and as we came to the last downhill stretch of jumps he felt like he could do it all again with ease. I let him go at the top of that hill and just prayed to god that he would decide to jump and not stop or run out…he did jump bless him, at great speed but with great height (those lessons were all worth it) and as we galloped through the finish line we were both grinning from ear to ear. I don’t think Red had ever done a sponsored ride and I don’t think I had ever done one quite that fast…..or bouncy.

From now on the artist formerly know as Red was now affectionately referred to as Tigger.


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