Frillies, frillies and more frillies


I was finally winning some frillies that didn’t say ‘Well done for completing the sponsored ride’.

They weren’t red frillies, heck they weren’t even blue ones but I was over the moon and back to be getting out and about with the worlds easiest horse and getting round a course of jumps.

Red did me proud and I know probably would have done a lot better without me on his back, but he was tolerant of my jumping rustiness, he corrected his own stride when I got it wrong, he luckily kept breathing when I held my breath and I swear more than once he remembered the course when I didn’t.

Red was a little superstar, he would jump anything and everything. Pink pig fillers no problem, gates not an issue, water trays easy peasy, brick walls absolutely – there was never any hesitation and he just seemed to LOVE jumping, and the more we did it the better we (me as he was already fab) were becoming.

When he wasn’t being a jumping superstar he was being a fab happy hack, a fantastic horse for my partner to learn on and generally just the perfect all rounder we had searched high and low for….we had struck gold.


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